My Natural Teething Guide

​Teething is just another chapter in your baby's journey, but it is often times painful and unpleasant. Here are the common stages of teething, and how our My Natural teethers are the safest option for your baby because of our plant based material that is BPA, Phthalates, Latex and worry free!

Stage 1:
4-5 Months
​At this initial stage of teething, infants begin to drool a lot so our Sensory teethers are perfect because of their easy to grip shapes as well as the plush doll attached on the other end. Our soft plush rings are also a great starting teether and they can actually be put in the freezer and used throughout all stages of teething!



Stage 2:
6-7 Months
​Anytime after 6-7 months, your baby is going to need something harder like our Eco teethers to chew on, especially the elephant or pony character because the shape of their feet and ears are designed to soothe the front part of the mouth where the first tooth emerges.


​Stage 3:
9-12 months
​When the back molars start coming in, our Dino Eco teether's long tail is perfect to reach the back part of the mouth.


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