Mother's Day Gift Guide


Whether you're a new mom or have been doing this for years, Mother's day is a celebration of all the work, care, and love that goes into raising a child, and that definitely deserves some acknowledgment. Here's a fun gift guide to fit the needs of mommies and their babies.

For Mommy- Cotton Pajama set from Splendid 
For Baby- Lovie Blankies from My Natural

For Mommy- Travel Coffee Cup from KeepCup
For Baby- 4-bottle starter set from Lifefactory

For Mommy- Stuff Every Mom Should Know by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss
For Baby- EmpowerGirl Doll from My Natural

For Mommy- Sugar scrub from Fresh
For Baby- Bedtime gift set from Johnson's

For Mommy- Wine subscription from Glassful
For Baby- Eco Teether from My Natural

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